About our VA

Fly the Russian way!
Welcome to the Russian virtual airline in the sky Infinite Flight - AFLV Group!

Our VA is a direct continuation of the previous AFLV (Aeroflot Virtual), which proudly flew our common tricolor flag from 2020 to 2022. Our story began in February 2022 and in 2023 we were happy to announce our start of work!

The management of our airline always tries to make VA as good as possible and similar to a real group of airlines. We have just begun our dream flight, but we are confident that this flight will be unforgettable for us and for our pilots and partners. We want to be better and we will always strive for the ideal: for us there is no limit to improvement - Always be above the limits!
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Our staff
The heart of our VA, which works for your comfort
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    CEO and Founder AFLV
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Message from the AFLV CEO
Hello! I am Northster and Michael ;) I am the head of AFLV Group, and on behalf of our airline I want to thank you for your attention to us and choosing our VA!

In this letter I want to say the following. Our project has been underway for 2 years, and all this time we never gave up and strived for our common dream, even when no one believed in us! And our dream has always been to create not just a new VA with its own fleet and reports, but a whole space that will unite people from the CIS region and from all over the world and in which you can find real colleagues and friends, where everyone will have a pleasant and comfortable time !

Personally, as CEO of AFLV Group, I want to create an VA that will take its place in the echelon of good VAs at IFC. Which would constantly develop, be an innovative VA, so that there would always be some bright moments in it: events, etc. And I want to create a team that could live for a long time even without me as the CEO. Be above the limit!

Best regards, AFLV CEO
Aurora Airlines fleet
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    Bombardier DHC 8-Q400

    Cruise speed: 0.54 mach (667 km/h)

    Aircraft capacity: 70/71 passengers

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    Airbus A319-100

    Cruise speed: 0.78 mach (828 km/h)

    Aircraft capacity: 128 passengers

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    POWER Full 14

    POWER Full 14

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    POWER Full 14

    POWER Full 14

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